Social Service

We the daughters of Maria Rani Region, FCC give equal importance to social service as to that of education. Though we do not have many well organized institutions or programmes for social service we do find different ways and means to reach out to the needy through our little endeavors. It is at Suratgarh that we have an organized centre for social work. There we have two of our sisters working for the cause of the poor and needy. They go from house to house and from village to village to get people especially the women and girls together for various developmental activities: Tailoring classes are organized, candle making, papad making, encouraging poor women to start small saving schemes, conduct literacy, social awareness classes, seminars etc. Here we also organize special coaching classes to help the poor village students.

Many people experience God's presence through us and many are developed very positively. We pray that may this attempt of ours glorify God.

a.Help to the poor and needy.
Every evening of our day to day life is kept aside to visit our brethren in our neighborhood. We spent time with them listening and understanding their needs. God's pity is expressed to them as we help them financially and materially where we have set apart a certain percentage of income for these activities. We too help the sickand suffering the homeless and who starve for food and clothing.


b. Women empowerment programs

"God created human kind in His image; male and female He created them" (Gen;1-27).
God didn't hesitate to create female but created her as the right hand and support to the male. Focusing on this fact and the important role of women in family we conduct various empowerment programs for women. Are they not worthy enough to receive proper education, necessity, etc.? This question which flashes to and  fro before our mind inspires us to have following programs.

c. Promotion of Girl Child and Their Education.

If human species cannot continue without girl or female, if the first word pronounced by a child is 'mother', why does the society push behind the ladies- the asset of the society? A few in the society hate the word 'girl' but we love it, love deep within us thrills to congratulate those parents who love them and educate them. So we take every opportunity to make the women aware of the value of girls and encourage them to educate their daughters. There are many occasions we have received girls as orphans whom we educate freely. We also discourage many abortions which lead the couples to a happy family life.

d. Self Help Groups.
Entering into the life the oppressed and the marginalized  we also have started self help groups which support them financially as well as socially. We find far better development in their social life that establishes a good relationship among them.

e. Non-Formal Education

Whether formal or non formal or not, education is the birth right of every individual. To gain this birth right at any cost we conduct non formal education centers for the welfare of the people. We indent to make them learn at least to read and write to a great extent.

f. Adult Education
Rajasthan is one of the states backward in literacy. Aiming at 100 % literacy for the adults we offer adult education in every way possible. Our aim is not to find a better job for them, but make them able to do their job in a better manner. We look forward to their all round development so that their skills may be renewed and strengthened. Beginning from how to read and write we conduct courses on various career options including agriculture, flori culture etc.
g. Non-Formal Education for Dropouts

 Education or the knowledge is the greatest treasure that one can possess. But the reality of   today's world reveals that all are not fortunate enough for that. If one of the former American Presidents, Abram Lincon were determined to learn the lessons sitting under the street light, we are forced today to bring up the future of the nation through various educational systems. So we run non- formal education institutions for drop outs. Finding out those students who had to drop their studies due to financial crisis, physical illness or other family problems are sought out and admitted in our institutions freely. We not only fill them with academic knowledge but also make them skillful citizens who can take part in every activity of the society. We also give importance to SUPW were the students take up one or the other work experience which can support their daily income. We are ready to render every service to them because they are the possibilities and not the problems.

Tailoring Course.

 Our Institution at Suratgarh in Ganganagar Distric conducts 6 months Diploma course of tailoring for the girls and women. Now we have got more than five sub centers under our institution and Sr. Deena is taking care of this field successfully. Sr. Jessy Maria was efficiently running it for about 10 years. All girls are invited to it, irrespective of their li fe situations.  Especially we prefer the poor one's who can earn for their lively hood through tailoring. Once they complete their course successfully we issue them the certificates. This really helps them to increase their income.
i. Candle Making, Papad Making, Knitting Etc.
We extend our service to those poor families where the house wives are unemployed. We encourage them and make provisions for their livelihood through candle making, Papad making, knitting etc. These things are also having market value and sold out.

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